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Our Mission

Soapbox Capital is launching a seed venture fund in Hong Kong to fund early-stage
blockchain and web3 startups in South Asia and SE Asia.

Soapbox is powered by Jumpstart, an innovation ecosystem builder with angel investments, 4 successful
accelerator programs and partnerships at over 125+ global innovation events.

Our Team

Our History


technology companies screened


views per month (online media)


global events (partners)

Soapbox Capital builds on Jumpstart's track record of
innovation and technology to offer the value of its network and
experience to LPs




years in the startup and innovation space

Our Regions

South Asia


billion people


under age 35


new users per month

Southeast Asia


million people


under age 35


new users per month

South and Southeast Asia are
some of the most compelling
economic development stories
globally. Soapbox Capital focuses
on these markets to maximize
returns. First-time funds in
emerging markets had an internal
rate of return of more than 25%
compared to 11.3% of vehicles that
are Fund IV or later. Additionally,
the potential of these two markets
means that investors are likely to
benefit from their investments in
the region in the long term

Our Advantages

Global Network

Jumpstart has an unparalleled global startup network. We work with local investors, accelerators, governments and ecosystem partners to have early access to the best startup deals. We are partners to over 125 global startup events.

Top Up Advantage

LP’s will have the opportunity to top up on the deals and sectors they like most. This will provide them with the ability to attain additional equity in their favorite teams.

Boots on the ground

We already have a 10 people team in the Philippines and India. We have a deep understanding of the local startup environment, culture and needs and an extensive network to help source the best
deals in the region.

Seamless Inbound Leads

Jumpstart uses its media platform to be a “catch all” for organic inbound leads when startups first launch. Startups reach out to us when they hit milestones. We are one of the biggest firms in Asia that specializes in media coverage for startups and entrepreneurship.


Soapbox will establish and manage the SPV (special purpose vehicle) for a low flat fee plus carry. Through this, we hope to make investing into startups easy and transparent.

Exposure Advantage

Jumpstart is extremely well known in the startup and innovation space, and we have an intricate and extensive media network that we will utilize to help startups gain exposure. Jumpstart online platform has 60,000 views per month with the highest % of google search compared with some of the biggest media sites in Asia

Our Firm

Gender Equality

Preference to have at least 50% of our portfolio companies to have a woman on its founding team

Good Jobs and Economic Growth

Invest in deals that will achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation

Climate Action

Carbon Neutrality elements in our investments will
enable meaningful change

Join Us


Soapbox Capital focuses on discovering, funding and supporting early stage promising start-ups in the ASEAN region. 

Soapbox Capital is a seed venture fund focused on early stage blockchain and Web3 startups in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Approximately 70% of the fund will go towards seed funding and 30% will be follow on funding. Additionally,  Soapbox Capital has a number of accelerators dedicated to the growth and success of involved startups.

For Investors

Investors in Soapbox Capital will gain access to, review and invest in the most promising startups in Asia. 

Through Soapbox Capital, Investors can minimize their portfolio and technology risks whilst maintaining diversification through advantages like top ups and additional equity via an SPV. Under certain circumstances, Soapbox Capital will also offer LPs the opportunity to invest in additional equity even after term sheets have been signed. Additionally, Soapbox Capital will utilize convertible notes which will allow investors greater control over the use of their funding by startups.

For Startups

Soapbox Capital looks for startups with outstanding teams, differentiated products and a large total market. 

We look for a strong startup team with a vision, passion, and possibly a successful track record. We also look for defensible businesses with strong IPs and high barriers to entry. The products we look for have to be disruptive and have “game changer” traits in their geographical region. Finally, we look for scalable businesses with high growth potential. Screening will first be conducted by analysts and Soapbox’s General partners. Afterwards the best teams will be greenlit by our seasoned investment committee.

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James Kwan

James is the co-founder and Chairman of Jumpstart Media. With more than
20 years entrepreneurial experience and an MBA from Baruch College Zicklin
School of Business. He has both co-organized and created accelerators,
incubators, and ideas labs. As a US Executive Director of a past SGX that listed IPO, he has an extensive network of global startups, ecosystem builders, and investors.


Relena Sei

Relena is the co-founder and CEO of Jumpstart Media. She has over 10 years
worth of experience in startup and capital market, and has significantly
contributed to the IPOs listing of Everbright, Securities, and BEST Inc.
Relena has a JD from Harvard Law School and was an associate at Latham
and Watkins, where she advised M&A transactions representing investments
of over US$500 million and has been involved in bond offerings representing
principal amounts of over US$5 billion.


Joseph Chow

Joseph is the co-founder of Wellington Legal, a full-service Hong Kong law
firm, with more than 15 years of seasoned experience in IP law.
Accompanied with a PCLL from the University of Hong Kong and an LLB from
the City University of Hong Kong, he has an impressive portfolio of clients
across various industrial sectors.